Chongqing No. 1 Secondary School Inclusion Policy
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Author: Jinli Wei, Jingxiao Chen, Jie Zhu     

Date of publication: May, 2022

Target audience: Students and parents who aims to participate in IB program in Chongqing No.1 Secondary School      

Date for next review: May, 2025  



I. School Rationale……3

II. Admissions……3

III. Counselling service……3

1. Identification procedures……4

2. Categories of SEN students……4

3. Individual Education Plans……5

IV. Roles and responsibilities……6

1. IB……6

2. School……6

3. IB program coordinator……7

4. Parents……7

V. SEN support……8

1. Students with learning difficulties……8

2. Gifted students……8



I. School Rationale

Chongqing No. 1 Secondary School has been actively advocating optimum inclusiveness in education, which ensures teenage students with different backgrounds acquire equal opportunities to achieve academic excellence and intellectual improvement. The principle primarily underlines the caring recognition of special education needs (SEN) students and prohibits any discrimination to the students of disability or in exceptional conditions.

The educational spirit of our school properly aligns with the IB value, which articulates that,  “Inclusion is an ongoing process that aims to increase access and engagement in learning for all students by identifying and removing barriers to learning. The whole school community, from the administrative team to teachers, students to parents, support crew to service staff, welcomes the cultural diversity to help build this downtown-located campus a harmonious study environment.

The implementation of the inclusion or SEN policy well demonstrates that our school expects the culture of containment, collaboration, problem solving and mutual respect. Under this framework, the IB Diploma Program will be equally accessible to any student who has the qualification of admission and aspires to develop international mindedness in high school, regardless of their physical or mental disability.

II. Admissions

The IB Inclusion Policy of No. 1 Secondary School aims to create a fair admission and learning environment that eliminate barriers in all aspects and ensure access for all students. Based on the holistic understanding of IB philosophy and meeting the eligibility of entry requirement. SEN students will have equal opportunities to apply for admissions after a series of rigorous identification procedures.

Equal access opportunity stands for identical application process, qualifications and criteria as all other students (see Admissions Policy 2.2/2.5/2.7). This means admissions consideration will not discriminate or favor any student who declares special needs.

III. Counselling service

In order to facilitate and regularize the admissions and assessment of SEN students, the school has thoroughly planned the norms for their needs.

1. Identification procedures

  • Parents will present full information on (potential) special education needs and contact the school with all authentic documents of SEN at an early stage.

  • Identification of SEN will happen during the admissions period usually, and also continues to be observed in course learning sessions possibly.

  • The Admissions Office will discuss with the Head and DP Coordinator about the qualifications and abilities of a student with known SEN early on.

  • A subsequent screening of the students in communication, thinking and subject testing will be organized to recheck the eligibility (see Admissions Policy 2.2).

  • The school will timely send an official report of the student's condition to the IBO and the local Education Commission for the record.

  • Final admission will be given to the SEN student if all the procedures above have been carried out successfully.

    Categories of SEN students

    A student with disabilities refers to one who "suffers from abnormalities of loss of a certain organ and function physiologically or psychologically and has lost completely or partially the ability to perform an activity in the way considered to be normal." (The Disability Protection Act of People's Republic of China)

    Disabilities or challenges could include, but not potentially limited to:

  • Partially loss of concentration

  • Visual or hearing impairment

  • Communication and speech difficulties

  • Specific learning difficulties, e g. dyslexia, dyscalculia or physical disabilities

  • Autism spectrum disorders

  • Depressive disorder

  • Anxiety disorder

  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder

  • Emotional, social or behavioral challenges

  • Multiple and other disabilities

    Individual Education Plans

    All SEN students will be solely and specifically considered through assessment according to individual situations. Students with physical problems will be supported in every possible way to complete the internal and external assessment in terms of audition, vision, communication, action, and etc. without obstacles. Students with mental disorders will be given psychological guidance by headteacher, counselor or psychological consultant employed by the school. Students will also be advised to consult exterior professional psychologists before the final examination. Unfortunately, our school cannot provide any other relevant professionals to aid SEN students with psychological issues for the moment.

    Dispensations for IB DP Examinations will also be considered based on medical and educational psychological evidence. But all these treatments or exemptions shall be strictly verified by teachers/coordinators and formally approved by the Dean of studies, with report to the IBO as well. All the assessment will be organized under the principles of the Academic Honesty Policy.

    Roles and responsibilities


    The school and all students will abide by the principles from the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO), including standards and practices, learner profile, ATLs. subjects, assessment criteria, and so forth. The admissions and development of SEN students shall align with the updated policy from the IBO.    


    Chongqing No. 1 Secondary School adheres to the concept of impartiality, honesty, inclusiveness, and esteem. Upon receiving students of special education needs, the school will provide utmost care to those who are desperate for study but defective in physiology. The school will keep endeavoring to create a better campus for all students to study and grow.

    •The school will build up a more tolerant and harmonious atmosphere to encourage SEN students with positive mind and sound value. The school will offer sufficient resources for SEN students, which shall include but not limited to trained aiders, barrier free passages, disabled-friendly facilities, study-aid equipment, reader-friendly books and professional development opportunities.

    •School staff at all levels will have a shared responsibility to facilitate the education of SEN students.

    •Teaching staff will appropriately adjust their teaching approaches for individual special students in accordance with their different needs. All teachers will ensure the academic progression through learner-centered practice and the support of differentiated learning, particularly in tutorial sessions, in order to accommodate the disabilities of SEN students.

    •Professional staff will maintain equal expectations for all students and fully explore their potentials.

    All teachers and staff will fulfill their obligations in specifically training and caring for the SEN students, and meet regularly to discuss feasible measures for further professional development in terms of any change.

    •All students will be informed and guided to show mutual respect on campus, and kindly and willingly provide essential aids to those in special needs, if necessary.

    IB program coordinator

    The DP coordinator shares the responsibility to check all relevant documents and liaise with the parents on specific needs and challenges upon admission. He will guide the students and parents to go through all admissions procedures necessary to complete enrollment in the school. The DP coordinator will also make an individual plan in line with all policies for the SEN student development with other subject teachers and supervise the process of supporting the student. For routine regulation and daily care, it is the duty of the head teacher to fulfill cultivation of SEN students.


    It is very important for parents of SEN students to actively and willingly cooperate with the school on specific issues. Below are the essential notifications parents must pay attention to for the sake of SEN students' growth and development.

    •Receive professional inspection and acquire accurate diagnosis of any disabilities in regular major hospitals before admissions.

    •Present full information on (potential) special education needs and contact the school with all authentic documents of SEN at an early stage.

    •Liaise with external experts (e.g. surgeons, physicians, psychologists, professional consultants) and obtain essential advices to identify special education needs.

    •Provide detailed previous school records and documents on SEN for a transfer student.

    •Communicate with the school immediately regarding any changes to those needs.

    •Positively and regularly seek support and information from teachers and coordinators in relation to their needs.

    SEN support

    Students with learning difficulties

    SEN students will be persistently offered particular care and aid to carry out their study during semesters. All necessary facilities and services will be guaranteed in a well-prepared condition, so that SEN students can have access to green paths on campus. Coordinators and counselors will also be on duty at any time for the best of student development.

    As mentioned in 3.3. SEN students, without exceptions, are required to be acquainted with the contents of Academic Honesty Policy in order to conduct rightful and eligible academic performance in the program. Any SEN student who has violated the regulations in academic honesty shall receive equal warning or penalty as other students whose behaviors are against the policy (see Academic Honesty Policy 3.3).

    During examinations. SEN students could be provided necessary aid for sitting, walking, listening, viewing, and any other relevant help for the disabled. However, all students shall be marked equally by the same assessment criteria of IB. Physical or mental issues cannot be appropriate factors or excuses in the assessment consideration.

    Gifted students

    A student whose intelligence quotient, language ability, knowledge breath, or thinking approach is distinctly way beyond that of an ordinary student could be regarded as a gifted student. The verification and admission of gifted students also refer to the Admissions Decision-making Process of No. 1 (See Admissions Policy 2.2).

    Upon screening candidate students, the DP coordinator will timely discuss with the school board and the program leader on the issues of a gifted students. If admission is being in consideration, a specialized team will be organized to study the condition of the student and make a final decision on his/her enrollment. It is possible that he/she will be placed in a higher Grade after our thorough consideration of all the eligibilities. Alternatively, the school will allocate additional resources for a gifted student, such as VIP teaching, academic tutoring, competition coaching, activity organization, if he/she shows adequate competence in academic research and practical ability.

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